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'Scarters is a brand that celebrates life. It's not selling you products, but experiences.'Posted on August 01, 2017

'Scarters is a brand that celebrates life. It's not selling you products, but experiences. The careful curation of products that suit individual lifestyles makes you feel special, almost like they were custom designed just for you! It's the joy and pride of owning something that becomes a conversation starter is what makes the brand and it's products unique.  

I travel often for work and pleasure. My background in design has helped me develop an eye for detail and see beauty in it. 'The Traveller' (I love the name!) was exactly what I was looking for. A stylish briefcase for...

'Scarters complements my 'bipolar' style - classy and adventurous!'Posted on July 22, 2017

'I came across Scarters, a unique-sounding e-shop for accessories. I was lured to its simplicity and classy products immediately. I ordered a laptop bag - The Informal, an iPhone case - The Signature for my iPhone and The Glowbank for my travels.

All the products I purchased arrived in rich packaging, giving me instant gratification. The quality was remarkable.

The Informal laptop bag gives me a complete work and leisure experience. The original leather iPhone case has classy and a comfortable feel. It fits in my hand perfectly. The Glowbank is a perfect combination of Music, Light, Recharge and is slowly becoming...

Welcome to Stories!Posted on July 01, 2017

Stories is a very special section at Scarters. And we hope it interests you too.

Stories was started with the idea of making the Scarters experience discoverable for all our valued customers. Watch the Scarters products come to life and fit seamlessly in your uncompromising lifestyle. Find authentic anecdotes, how to use guides and inspiration here.