Never misplace your keys again! The special key clip is installed to always keep your keys in a known location for easy access.

Quick-access Pockets

The bag is equipped with several front pockets for easy access to your most-used essentials. No need to scrummage through the entire bag to look for your wallet!

Attention To Detail

The perfect blend of discreet branding and robust functionality with sturdy zippers keeps all your essentials safe

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

This messenger bag comes equipped with an ergonomic and adjustable shoulder strap. Simply clip the buckles on to your messenger bag for an effortless carry experience.

Suitcase Slot

An effortless travel, starts with a bag that can be attached to your suitcase. Say hello to hands-free, weightless and easy travel.

A Personal Touch

Make the bag unique to you by monogramming your initials onto it. A personalised touch to truly make it your own.