This desk mat creates an ambient surface on your desk. It is easy to clean, easy to sanitise and can be moved from one tabletop to another. It enables swift mouse movement and also holds keyboard, coffee, stationery and your devices in place.

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H 45 cm W 90 cm


500 gms


Vegan PU Leather & Felt



Cleaning Instructions

  • Clean your desk mat with a slightly damp white cloth with diluted sanitiser when necessary.
  • To remove light stains, use a clean cloth dipped in soapy water.

Usage & Care

  • Allow the surface to dry naturally without direct exposure to heat or sunlight.
  • Protect the desk mat from stubborn materials such as oil, grease and ink. We make Scarters with love. Use it with love.
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14 Months Manufacturing Warranty

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Standard Shipping

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48 Hours Return

Anti-skid & splash-proof

Made with sustainable materials that are tough and durable.

Allows easy cleaning and sanitising.

Smooth surface enables seamless mouse-movement.

Made for an organised desk

Organise your charging cables, pens and pencils on the desk mat itself.
Quick-access slits for work essentials.

Ideal for

Work from


Easy placement on any and all surfaces, desks and tabletop.

Immediately creates a ‘let us get to work’ atmosphere.

Flexible to use. Ideal for your desktop, laptop, keyboard, mouse, iPad, drawing, writing or crunching numbers.

Happy Working

Sincere precision in design and professional colour scheme presents an inspiring surface on your desk to complement your work highs.